7 Color Combinations to Brighten Up Your Wedding

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7 Color Combinations to Brighten Up Your Wedding

Trying to choose colors for your wedding will make you feel sympathetic to whoever organised your prom—how did they ever settle on just two or three shades?

Then again, choosing your wedding colors might not seem like a big deal at first, but it will set the tone for your entire celebration. As you start to plan your wedding, the colors will affect other decisions—from flowers, to invitations, to your bridal party’s outfits. That’s why wedding theme colors is a crucial decision to make early in the game.

If you’re at a loss, here are some of the most popular wedding color schemes for 2019.

1. Sage Green & Dove Grey

Green never goes out of style for weddings, particularly in America. What does change, however, is the particular shade of green. Sage green is this year’s “green” of choice. Playing subtly on the current trend toward iridescent shades, it works well paired with an earthy tone of grey.

2. Living Coral & Orange

Pantone’s Color of the Year always dominates wedding theme colors and 2019 is no exception. Described by Pantone as “sociable and spirited” you can incorporate this bright and bold orange-pink hue into your wedding by pairing it with citrus-toned oranges and pinks.

3. “Golden Hour”

Wedding Wire paired up with Pantone to create color palettes for 2019 weddings. Whilst all of the options were beautiful, our personal favorite is “Golden Hour.” A beautiful color combination for weddings, it features earthy shades of pink and dusty orange that would suit outdoor weddings.

4. A Dozen Shades of Blue

Experts are naming “Dusty Blue” as this year’s go-to color. We’re going to call it though—we think we’ll be seeing more sea-inspired teals, set against mints and ivories.

5. Dusty Rose & Navy Blue

Move over millennial pink—there’s a new shade of blush in town. If you want to avoid a look that feels too early ‘90s potpourri, pair dusty rose with deep jewel tones, such as navy blue and burgundy.

6. Sun Yellow & Cranberry

Recently, we saw a boutique florist lament on her Instagram feed that she was dying to put together yellow bouquets for her clients. Well, this just might be her year! Sunny and optimistic, we love the idea of this shade—which pops just a bit more than mustard yellow—making its way down the aisle, alongside cranberry reds.

7. A Kaleidoscope of Color

The legalisation of gay marriage may have something to do with it, but we’re also seeing a literal full color spectrum at some celebrations. Visualise mismatched bridesmaid dresses in every hue, with corresponding flowers. You’ll want to choose a key color palette though—iridescent or jewel-toned shades work better than primary tones.