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More than just atmosphere – the music you choose for your ceremony is an expression of your love. It will carry you down the aisle, until the moment you clasp hands at the alter and whisper, “I do,” through tears of joy. 


At Red Soda, our wedding ceremony musicians are professionally trained, and know how to make each song feel like it’s meant for you. We don’t just play music at your wedding, we create an undeniable connection with every note we play – making each moment unforgettable


If you’re looking for live music with soul that’ll make your heart pound, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s just one of many wedding ceremony music testimonials:

“I cannot put into words how magical the music made that entire ceremony and how it felt having them play as I walked down the aisle. The music was absolute perfection and Red Soda were an absolute pleasure to deal with. It was definitely worth it.” Kristin G

Traditional or modern,
or a fusion of both


At Red Soda, our accomplished and versatile musicians offer a range of different instruments to suit your unique style and love story. We love giving both traditional and modern love songs a meaningful twist, with a fusion of heartfelt acoustic tunes, incredible singers, and spine-tingling strings. 


We’ll help you make the music yours. Get honest guidance to choose your key songs, and the musicians and instruments, to suit your style and taste (without the pressure or upsell). After all, every wedding ceremony is unique so your live music should be too.


And don’t worry, even if you have a song in mind that isn’t on our popular wedding song list, we can learn and perform it – just the way you want it.


Beautiful ceremony music

from start to finish


Your music has an important role to play in your ceremony. That’s why we play for a half hour longer than most wedding bands. It’s important to make sure you’re covered for the in-betweens and what-ifs. 


We’ll signal your impending arrival by serenading your guests with beautiful background music, typically 15 minutes before the ceremony begins. 


Then we’ll make you fall in love all over again – playing your chosen love songs and ending your emotionally charged wedding with more live music until your booking time ends. Be prepared with extra tissues!   

Wedding Ceremony Music Options

Breath-taking ceremony music

Key Ceremony Moments

Modern Wedding Ceremony:

For a non-religious wedding with a Marriage Officiant customize these key moments with your chosen songs:

  • Entrance processional
  • License signing
  • Exit recessional

Church Wedding Ceremony:

For a wedding in a Church you will typically customize these key moments with your chosen songs:

  • Entrance processional
  • Candle lighting
  • Communion
  • License signing
  • Exit recessional

When you book us, you get to choose almost any popular wedding song to highlight the key moments of your ceremony – even if it’s not on our popular wedding song list.

Our Ceremony Showcases

John Legend All of Me

Male Vocals & String Trio

Pachelbel’s Canon

String Quartet

Christina Perri A Thousand Years

Vocal Duo, Guitar, Violin, Bass

Miley Cyrus Malibu

Male Vocals/Guitar & Female Vocals

Alicia Keys Ain’t Got You

Harp & Female Vocals

Ed Sheeran Perfect

Vocal Duo, Violin & Bass

Need a little inspiration? 

Listen to our playlist of recorded wedding songs and watch our library of video showcases.

See our wedding band play each different style and genre.


Take note of the musicians, the singers and styles you like, so we can help you select your live music. From intimate and moving, to sweet and full of soul we’ve got you covered.


We live and breathe wedding music so if you’re feeling unsure, we can help.

Get in touch

Listen to music with heart

Customize your Wedding Ceremony Band


Our incredible musicians are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

1. Violin & Cello Duo

2. Solo Vocals & Guitar

3. Solo Harp

4. String Trio (Two Violins & Cello)

5. Vocals/Guitar & Violin

6. Male Vocals/Guitar & Female Vocals

7. String Quartet (2 Violin, Viola, Cello)

8. Harp & Male or Female Vocals

9. Male or Female Vocals & String Trio

10. Vocal Duo, Guitar, Violin, Bass

Simply select the style, the key songs and your singers


We’ll help you choose your favorite wedding singer and key songs – and let our experienced wedding musicians take care of the rest. 

Deal directly with our band manager to create your meaningful mix of live music for your ceremony.


What are you waiting for? We’ll get back to you before anyone else does.

On your wedding day

1.Let us serenade your guests while they wait for you to arrive

2. Let us sweep you off your feet as you walk down the aisle

3. Let us charm you until the formalities are finished

Experience the Sound of Love.