How To Choose The Right Wedding Songs To Get Your Guests On The Dance Floor

There are millions of wedding songs to choose from which explains why choosing the music to represent your day can be so challenging – not to mention time-consuming! This is definitely not a job to be left to the last minute.

If you have already chosen a wedding band or DJ, the hardest part is over. They can give expert advice on the best songs to fit your wedding style as well as keep your guests entertained throughout the day.

Creating your wedding day soundtrack is a big deal and there are a few things to consider, but don’t worry! Here are a few tips on how to choose the right wedding songs to get your guests on the dance floor.

1. Diversity In The Crowd

Choosing wedding music is so much more than asking the question, “What’s the best wedding song, ever?”

New and trendy songs are usually a hit with the younger guests in your crowd, however, keep in mind that your wedding guests come from an array of generations and backgrounds.

While it is impossible to suit everyone’s taste in music, it is a wise idea to have a variation of music styles to keep all your friends and family happily entertained. This isn’t to say that it’s necessary to include songs from the 40’s to please your grandparents, but maybe consider slowing the tempo instead.

A blend of upbeat and slow songs plus a good mix of old and new tunes will get guests of all ages out of their seats!

This is just one of the reasons why the best wedding song ever is hard to claim, as there’s so many generations and genres to consider for the wedding.

Genre is another factor to consider. Your chosen music and everything about your wedding should represent you as a couple. Don’t be afraid to choose music that defines you as individuals and makes you happy! If you love to waltz with your partner, chances are someone in your crowd enjoys it too!

2. Events That Usually Require Music

When choosing how many songs for a wedding ceremony and the style of music, decide at which points during the wedding music is necessary. At the ceremony, couples usually choose to entertain guests with music:

  • On arrival, before the formalities begin
  • For the entrance processional
  • A reflective musical interlude immediately after the exchange of rings
  • The exit recessional
  • As guests mingle for celebratory cocktails.

How would you like your guests to feel during these moments?

For the ceremony, we like to set the tone for the union and play songs that are romantic, warm and heartfelt to connect with the guests.

How many songs are needed for a wedding ceremony?

One song for the ceremony is recommended to avoid awkward pauses or transitions while walking down the aisle and mixed emotions for the crowd. It is also common for couples to choose one song for the wedding party entrance and a sweet, softer melody for the bride to make her entrance.

What is a recessional song at a wedding?

A recessional song will be played after the couple is announced husband and wife. Playing light joyful music will cue the celebration for guests and jumpstart the high energy!

At the reception, there are typically six “key moment” songs that need a musical flourish. These are:

  • The Wedding Party Entrance
  • Cutting of the Wedding Cake
  • The First Dance/Bridal Waltz
  • The Bouquet Toss
  • The Garter Toss
  • A Farewell Song

How many songs are needed for the wedding party entrance?

The wedding party entrance, or “bridal” entrance is where the newly married couple and their chosen entourage are formally announced and make their way into the reception hall. Usually couples choose a single song to be played for the official entrances. Some couples choose two songs – one for the couples official entrance and a second one for the rest of the entourage. Less common, but still popular is to choose a single song for each couple’s entrance (logistically this can be a bit tricky so make sure your DJ/Band, MC, wedding manager and Entourage are all working off the same list. Otherwise you might have them entering in the wrong order and having the wrong entrance songs played!!).

What type of music is appropriate for the cutting of the wedding cake?

A single song is recommended for the cutting of the cake as this event usually doesn’t take up too much time during the reception. The type of music played really depends on what you as a couple desire. Usually the cake cutting is a romantic act and the MC will say a few words before you cut the cake, get some photos taken – and then head to the dance floor for your first dance!

Do you need help choosing your first dance or bridal waltz song?

The first dance, or bridal waltz, is best if featured with a single song that represents your love for one another. Adding a second song for your first dance may lessen and disconnect the crowd’s emotions, however some couples may choose to not only slow dance their first song but do a silly choreographed dance with multiple blended songs.

How many songs are needed for the bouquet and garter toss?

One upbeat tune is all that is needed for these traditional events to get the crowd excited and on their feet! If you have a larger audience, it may be a good idea to have a song for the bouquet toss and a separate song for the garter toss to give guests time to fill the dance floor to participate.

How many songs should you choose for the newlywed farewell?

Typically it is just a single song that you need to choose for the farewell. A farewell song isn’t the final, high-energy dance floor hit that everyone goes crazy over. That’s already happened. This is the last song on the night which is played immediately after everyone stops dancing. It’s a transition song – the MC will announce that the wedding has concluded and thank everyone for coming. It could be a slow and romantic song or fun and upbeat – but the purpose of this song is to give you and your guests an opportunity to exchange hugs and appreciation.

3. Gather Inspiration

If you are at a standstill when it comes to what type of music you desire for your big day, do some research. Start with you and your partners existing playlists. You may be surprised to find that your partner has a soft side!

If you don’t find the perfect songs here, then try finding inspiration by scouring the online space for a list of wedding love songs, trending wedding songs, wedding pop songs, or wedding songs to dance to. You may find a few special gems that you otherwise wouldn’t have considered before.

It may help to sit down with your partner and compile a list of songs for the reception. Not only will this help to narrow down genre options, but it will give the DJ or band an idea of your music style.

Prepare a list of your top 10 favorites and a list of songs or genres to avoid. Try listening to Red Soda Band’s top wedding hits here!

4. Consider Your Wedding Style

If you are planning your wedding around a specific theme, consider keeping your music cohesive to the theme. While matching all music to the theme is not necessary, experiencing moments that are exclusive to the theme throughout the big day gives guests a memorable experience!

If you decide on a rustic or western theme, choose a country song for the bridal party entrance or consider throwing in a few line dance songs at the reception.

5. Song Requests

Giving guests a chance to participate in what songs are played is a great way to keep them content and engaged.

Couples may choose to do this before the wedding even takes place. Simply leave a blank space on your wedding RSVP form for friends and family to write their favorite songs to have a chance for it to be played at the reception. You will have sourced a playlist that comes straight from the crowd!

Another form of entertainment is to have your guests participate during the reception and plan for your DJ to announce that they are able to take song requests for a limited time. Guests love this option and they will scramble out of their seats just to be one of the first to pass along their favorite songs!

6. Trust Your DJ Or Band

You hired a wedding band or DJ because of their experience and knowledge in the industry. They have performed at multiple weddings and are experts in getting your guests on the dance floor!

While a band will bring more energy to your event, a dj will play varied styles of recorded music. Guess what? You don’t have to choose between the two. Red Soda band can accommodate a wide range of music styles and the transitions are seamless.

Picture the late night photos you will capture of your family and friends dancing the night away with a live band! Set the tone for your entire wedding and experience heartfelt, spine-tingling, and unforgettable wedding entertainment customized to suit the most important moments of your lives.

Contact Red Soda Band For A Unique Music Experience!

If you’re looking for a professional wedding band that clicks with your wedding style and takes it up a notch, Red Soda Band loves to help brides and grooms-to-be celebrate their union with a unique and memorable experience from the moment they book, right through to the last song of the night! Get a FREE quote online today!



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