Wedding Reception Band

Infectious energy,

explosive performances

Now you’ve said, “I do,” it’s time get out those dancing shoes and celebrate. That’s where we come in. We don’t just play music at your reception, our band will keep your day flowing with music that takes your breath away and makes your heart race.


We’ll entertain your guests with beautiful, background melodies and our modern twist on jazz during cocktails and dinner.


We’ll take your breath away and make the world around you disappear as you embrace for your first dance.


Then we’ll get your pulse racing with our explosive, floor-filling sets. We guarantee everyone’s feet will be aching by the end of the night.


If you’re looking for a wedding band with undeniable chemistry and who will put on the best party of your life – you’ve come to the right place.

Fun from start to finish

Your music has an important role to play in setting the right mood at your reception, and we know how to create the perfect emotive, and energetic atmosphere, for each part of your day.

We’ll help you tailor your live reception package with the band members, instruments and sound system to suit your taste, your budget and your event.


You’ll love the quality of sound you get from us. You get a professional band for far less than many others charge, because we’re not agency managed, and our pricing is based on how many musicians you’d like, where you’d like us to play and for how long.

We play every note live

We live and breathe weddings and have decades of live wedding entertainment experience, and unlike other bands, we never use backing tracks when we’re performing.


Your package at the reception includes up to 180 minutes of live music over 5 hours (upgrade for more time if you need):

  • During cocktails and appetizers/hors d’oeuvres
  • Over dinner
  • Your first dance
  • For the dance floor

To finish your celebration, we’ll play the hottest floor-filling songs from every decade, guaranteed to have every guest’s feet aching by the end of the night.

Wedding Reception

Music Options

Match the band size with your wedding style and guest list.


Need help choosing?

We can help.

Select Your Songs for the Important Key Moments

Whether you like to stick to tradition and include all these key moments in your reception, or want a more modern flow of events, we’ll help you make your music meaningful to you, with your choice of song.

The most popular moments our couples usually customize are:

  • Wedding party entrance
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First dance
  • Bouquet throw
  • Garter throw
  • Farewell song

We know just what to play, and when, to keep your formalities flowing, and make your day one to remember.

Large Bands, Festival Feel

Imagine this: You’ve finished your emotional first dance, and you’re ready to let loose. The lights are dim, and there’s an anticipation in the air. Your drummer counts the band in, and they kick off the night with your favourite song. Everyone packs in around you, smiling and throwing their hands in the air. It’s incredible.


Perfect for a bigger weddings or events, a larger band doesn’t just sound better, they look incredible and put on a fantastic show – luring everyone to the dancefloor with their massive performance.


A 6-Piece Band, featuring both male and female harmonies and a dynamic range of instruments (including sax), will create the energy you’ll love, and set your dancefloor alight.


If you want to impress your guests, the dynamic sound from our 7-Piece Band will do the trick. Select the two lead singers you love, with sax, keyboard, bass and full percussion – then add in an electric guitar, violin or a trumpet – you’ll get a phenomenal sound your guests rave about for years to come.


You’ll really be blown away by the professional live experience at your reception with our 8-Piece Band. The extra horns and harmonies will give you a festival feel. It’s a flexible and massively fun combo that’ll create anything from a big-brass-band to a groovy pop and rock classics with incredible punch.

Party DJ & MC Packages

Get the best of both worlds with live music and a pro DJ – who’s also a trained musician in one affordable package.


Go from live harmonies over cocktails and dinner, to heart-thumping hits on the dance floor from every decade. We’ll take everything we know about you, your preferred music, and guest requests on the night to extend your celebration to the dancefloor in one neat package.


You won’t have to complicate your wedding prep by organising another vendor, and you’re guaranteed a pro DJ who knows how to get your party pumping.


Then, simplify your wedding planning, with an upgrade to your live music package and Red Soda will be your approachable and friendly MC on the day.


Let your guests enjoy being guests and let our pros handle it all for you.


After all, we’ve spent decades performing at weddings, so we know a thing or two about how to keep the formalities flowing seamlessly, even when things don’t go to plan.


There’s no need to worry about a thing.

Small Bands, Rockin’ Vibe

Perfect for intimate weddings with an upbeat and fun party to end your evening. Our 3-Piece Band is an affordable option, that includes a killer male singer and his guitar, along with bass and drums by his side. They’ll play your favourite songs, guaranteeing everyone a great time.


Add depth to the performance with our incredible keys player (who doesn’t love a plump sound with pop synth), our sassy sax or electric lead guitar. They’ll add a wow factor as a 4-Piece Band.


With just the right mix of infectious energy and kick-ass attitude from our male and female singers, our 5-Piece combo is the perfect party band. The alternating leads mean give you incredible harmonies and a bigger variety of songs to get every guest grooving.

Beautiful Background Music

With our own special twist on pop, soul and jazz, we’ll serenade you and your guests with soft background music over cocktails, appetizers and dinner.


Our Solo Acoustic Singer will sweep you off your feet, with stirring renditions of your favourite love songs.


Or choose from a 2-Piece Acoustic Duo – perfect for a modern or bohemian wedding celebration that doesn’t need an epic dance floor.


Choose from a male singer/guitarist with female harmonies, or add a violin, keys, sax or double bass as your second musician. We’ll make every song feel like it’s just for you.

Our Reception Showcases

Bruno Mars 24K

Red Soda 6-Piece Band

Rick James Superfreak

Red Soda 4-Piece Band

Earth Wind Fire September

Red Soda 8-Piece Band

Little Lion Man

Red Soda 3-Piece Band

Jessie J/Ariana/Nicki Bang Bang

Red Soda 5-Piece Band

This is How We Do It

Red Soda 2-Piece Acoustic Duo

Need some inspiration?

Check out our playlist of recorded songs and watch our library of video showcases.

See our wedding reception band play different styles and genres.

Take note of the musicians, the singers and styles you like, so we can help you select your live music.


We live and breathe wedding music so if you’re feeling unsure, we can help. Get in touch.

Listen to us match the music to each part of your day

Personalize your Wedding Reception Band

Select the band and style you love most.

Have you got a special request for your first dance, that’s not on our popular wedding song list?

We’ll learn and perform it just for you.

1. Solo Vocals & Guitar

2. Two Piece Acoustic Duo

3. Three Piece Band

4. Four Piece Band

5. Five Piece Band

6. Six Piece Band

7. Seven Piece Band

8. Eight Piece Band

9. DJ & Solo Vocals/Guitar

10. DJ & Two Piece Acoustic Duo

The Reception Band Toronto Couples Love

We’ll help you choose your favourite singer, and those important songs – and our experienced wedding musicians will take care of the rest.

On Your Wedding Day

1. We'll play soft background music over cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and dinner

2. We'll sweep you off your feet with live music for your first dance

3. We'll celebrate your love, with a party you and your guests will never forget

Turn up the heat on your dancefloor