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Wedding Music Packages

Wedding Band for Your Entire Day

Take the stress out of arranging your wedding music by booking Red Soda for your entire day.


From your first kiss after you say, “I do”, to the last party anthem of the night – our music will get your heart racing.


Let us take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy those first blissful marital moments together.


Red Soda will personalize your performance for your:

  • Ceremony
  • Cocktails & appetizers
  • Over dinner
  • For all your special moments during your reception
  • Then turn up the energy to pack the dancefloor with your choice of DJ or live band.

Want personalized, meaningful live music and an MC?


Upgrade your package and let our professionals add something special and unique to your wedding day.

We play at weddings all around Ontario, Toronto and the GTA, so if you’re unsure about what’s right for you, we can help.

Live Ceremony Music

Choose the perfect songs to say, “you mean the world to me”. There won’t be a dry eye left after you’ve said, “I do”.


Book us just for your ceremony, or as a package with music for your cocktails and reception.


Choose from a range of live instrumental music, singers, or a delicious combination of both.


Then select modern or traditional wedding songs for these important key moments:

Modern Ceremony

  • Entrance processional
  • License signing
  • Exit recessional

Church Ceremony

  • The above, plus
  • Candle lighting
  • Communion

We’ll set the mood with beautiful background music for around 15 minutes before your ceremony begins.

Live Reception Music

Celebrate your new life together and all your future adventures, by having live music to express your love.


Book us just for your cocktails and reception, or as a package with music for your ceremony as well.


Our unique twist on pop, soul, and jazz pairs perfectly with pre-dinner cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and dinner.


Handpick almost any song for the key moments of your reception, including your first dance performed live by our band.


Select the singer(s) to make your song choice suit your taste and style. They won’t just set the mood; they’ll make you fall in love all over again.


Red Soda Band ranges in size from 1-8 musicians to suit weddings small and large.


Choose smaller bands for a more intimate (but still rockin’) party vibe or larger bands for a fuller sound and bigger impact.


Ask about our DJ & live music or MC options.

Red Soda Band is the Sound of Love

On your wedding day, every note we play should feel like it’s meant for you. From start to finish, you want a band who makes you feel incredible.


That’s what we do.


We personalize every performance for you, to match your taste and budget. Choose from a selection of sensational singers, songs for those key moments, and the band size and style to suit your celebration.


We play music for every part of your wedding – from the moment you walk down the aisle, right through to the last song of the night.


Get the perfect wedding package with live music, a DJ or MC you’ll love.

How much does a wedding band cost?

If you’ve never booked a live band before, you might not know what to expect. Luckily, we live and breathe weddings and have been doing this for a while. We can help you select the music package to suit your needs and budget.


Our priority is to make sure your music is a reflection of you. We listen carefully, and help you select the music for your ceremony, your reception or hire our band for your entire day. You’ll never feel pressured to book a bigger band than you need.


Our couples love the quality of sound they get with us. You get a professional band for far less than many others charge, because we’re not agency managed, and our pricing is simply based on how many musicians you’d like, where you’d like us to play and for how long.

Still unsure? Speak to our band manager.

Fast, friendly help and advice.


Live Acoustic & DJ Package

Live Wedding Ceremony & Reception Music. Female & Male Vocals/Guitar LIVE for the ceremony, reception cocktails & first dance, plus a reception DJ playing your favorite songs for dancing.

male + female vocals
Female & Male Vocals/Guitar

  • Female & Male Vocals/Guitar
  • Live Music as guests arrive
  • Key Ceremony Songs played Live
  • Live Music as guests depart

Live Acoustic + DJ

  • Live Music for cocktails/dinner
  • MC for standard announcements
  • Almost any first dance song live
  • Fun DJ Party tunes for dancing

Classic Strings & 3-Piece Band

Live Wedding Ceremony & Reception Music. Violin & Cello Duo LIVE for the ceremony. 3-Piece Band LIVE at reception cocktails & first dance, plus playing your favorite songs for dancing.

Violin & Cello Duo

  • Violin & Cello Duo
  • Live Music as guests arrive
  • Key Ceremony Songs played Live
  • Live Music as guests depart

3-Piece Band

  • Up to 4 x 45 minute sets live
  • Live Music for cocktails/dinner
  • Almost any first dance song live
  • Live Band for the dance floor

Vocals/Strings & 5-Piece Band

Live Wedding Ceremony & Reception Music. Vocals & Strings LIVE at the ceremony. 5-Piece Band LIVE at reception cocktails & first dance, plus playing your favorite songs for dancing.

Red Soda Band Female Wedding Vocalist Toronto
Vocals & Strings

  • Female Vocals & String Trio
  • Live Music as guests arrive
  • Key Ceremony Songs played Live
  • Live Music as guests depart

Party Music Band
5-Piece Band

  • Up to 4 x 45 minute sets Live
  • Male & Female Vocals in Band
  • Almost any first dance song Live
  • Live Band for the dance floor

How to Personalize your Wedding Music Package

Get an instant, obligation free quote from us at any time, day or night, just by adding your details to our package builder.


Then we’ll finalize your details to confirm your booking, so you don’t miss out.

We’ll get back to you before anyone else does. What’s more – once you’re booked, we never cancel. That’s right never.

1. View the Video Showcases of the music options below

2. Tell us your date, venue, event size and your favorite singers

3. We’ll personalize your style and the band to suit you

Wedding Band Package Options

View our video showcases to see our wedding band in action.

Unsure what instruments, singers and band size you need for your reception? We can help.


With 10 live music options to choose from for your ceremony, and 10 for your reception, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Scroll through the videos below, and select your favourite options, to create the perfect celebration of your love.

Ceremony Options

1. Violin & Cello Duo

2. Solo Vocals & Guitar

3. Solo Harp

4. String Trio (2 Violins & Cello)

5. Vocals, Guitar & Violin

6. Male Vocals/Guitar & Female Vocals

7. String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola & Cello

8. Harp & Male or Female Vocals

9. Male or Female Vocals & String Trio

10. Vocal Duo, Guitar, Violin & Bass

Reception Options

1. Solo Vocals & Guitar

2. Two Piece Acoustic Duo

3. Three Piece Band

4. Four Piece Band

5. Five Piece Band

6. Six Piece Band

7. Seven Piece Band

8. Eight Piece Band

9. DJ & Solo Vocals/Guitar

10. DJ & Two Piece Acoustic Duo

Experience the Sound of Love