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…So you’re guaranteed to get everything you desire in a band from Red Soda.


You want music with soul, that’ll give you goosebumps and make you fall in love again.


And you want dance floor legends who’ll make your guests cry happy tears, then tear it up on the dancefloor as they party the night away.


That’s what we do.


Although we’re fresh-faced, we’re all accomplished, professional musicians with decades of live wedding entertainment experience behind us. And unlike other bands we know, we never use backing tracks. Which means every note we play is meaningful, heartfelt and sincere.

It’s what delights our happy couples.  


What are you waiting for? We’ll get back to you before anyone else does.

Here’s just one of many wedding ceremony music testimonials:

“I cannot put into words how magical the music made that entire ceremony and how it felt having them play as I walked down the aisle. The music was absolute perfection and Red Soda were an absolute pleasure to deal with. It was definitely worth it.” Kristin G

Personalized sound,

music with heart

We’re known for our soulful harmonies, paired with acoustic classics – moving into a stylish and unique twist on pop, soul and jazz over cocktails, appetizers and dinner. 


And because fun is our middle name, you get a hot mix of classic and modern dance favorites guaranteed to have everyone kicking their heels off by the end of the night. It’s the live wedding entertainment you’ve been looking for.


Instrumental Ceremony Music

Instrumental strings are the perfect accompaniment to your elegant and romantic wedding.


We’ll perfectly perform classics like ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ to modern arrangements of your favorite songs – guaranteed to pluck at your heartstrings.

Wedding Singer Ceremony Music

Give your guests goosebumps with a meaningful, heartfelt set from our male and female duos – perfect for an intimate ceremony.


Customize the sound by adding in additional musicians such as a String Trio, Harp or Guitar.

Cocktails & Dinner Music

With our unique twist on pop, soul and jazz, our singers will serenade your guests with their spine-tingling vocals.


We won’t just set the mood, we’ll create moments of genuine connection with every performance we give.

Live Wedding Bands

We know every wedding (and couple) is unique, so we help you customize the sound and feel of the music so it’s meaningful to you.


Select your swoon-worthy singer, then choose from a one-piece to an eight-piece band with a dynamic range of instruments such as a sax, drums, guitar, bass, trumpet, electric violin and keys.


We’ll play your first dance live, before we create havoc on the dancefloor with hit after hit.

Party DJs

Get the best of both worlds with live music and a pro wedding DJ who’s also a trained musician.


We’ll keep the formalities flowing and take your celebration to the dancefloor with one affordable music package. Avoid the hassle of briefing and managing someone new (who hasn’t been part of your music for your day).


Go from live harmonies, to heart-thumping hits from every decade – guaranteed to have everyone dancing the night away.

Wedding MC

We’ve spent decades performing at weddings, so we know a thing or two about how to keep the formalities flowing.


Simplify your wedding planning, with an upgrade to your live music package and Red Soda will be your approachable and friendly MC on the day.


Let your guests enjoy being guests and let our pros handle it for you. We’d be honored to help.

Ready to hire your live wedding entertainment?

One of the most in-demand

wedding bands in Boston

Red Soda is the right wedding entertainment for you if you want a band who:

  • Performs music for your ceremony that’ll give you goosebumps
  • Plays live music from cocktails and appetizers, to dinner and dancing that will have your guests throwing their hands around each other – and then in the air as they dance the night away
  • Let’s you personalize your key songs – for those important moments throughout your ceremony and reception
  • Plays longer at your ceremony than most bands, to cover all those in-betweens and what-ifs
  • Simplifies your wedding planning by taking care of your live entertainment for part, or all of your day
  • Makes managing your band fun and fuss-free with just one point of contact throughout your booking (we’ll even liaise with your planner for you)
  • Has accomplished and professional musicians who have played with some of the biggest names in the industry
  • Can create almost any different combination of instruments, singers and even a DJ to suit your style and budget
  • Has decades of experience performing at live at weddings and events
  • Plays everything live (without using backing tracks) – including your first dance
  • Is loved by newly-weds across Boston and New England areas (and beyond)

A Global Band of Local Musicians

Starting out as a small, tight-knit group of professional musicians – we’ve built a solid rep as one of America’s most in-demand live wedding bands.


We’ve even performed with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Il Divo, Michael Bublé, Shania Twain, Dan Ackroyd, Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and Hugh Jackman.


Since our successful start in 1996, we expanded our wings moving overseas and joined forces with other incredible, accomplished musicians – in the UK, the US and Canada, where we’ve rapidly gained cred for our powerful and energetic performances.


Your love knows no bounds and neither do we! Got more questions about how we work? Read our FAQs.

What Wedding Entertainment Services Do You Offer In New England?

We have THE best wedding entertainment in Boston and across New England.

Red Soda Band is one of the most versatile wedding bands you’ll ever see performing live. With our blend of pop, rock, jazz, classic and modern hits, we’ve got you covered throughout your entire special day.

Do you want a string quartet that’ll have people crying tears of joy at the ceremony? We’ve got it! Do you need a DJ that will make everyone run to the dance floor? Say the word! Our professional musicians are at your service.

Red Soda Band is the perfect soundtrack for:

  • Walking down the aisle.
  • Cocktails and toasts.
  • Newlyweds’ first dance or waltz.
  • A complete reception.
  • Classic weddings.
  • Modern weddings.

We have a big set of hits to play at your wedding that will move everyone and their plus-ones! But if your favorite wedding song is not in our catalog for your first dance, we can still learn it and perform it live.

If you’re still second-guessing hiring us, take a look at the video showcases on our website. With over 10 hours of videos and audio clips, we’re sure you’ll get a sense of what Red Soda is all about.


What Makes Red Soda Different To Other Wedding Entertainment Providers?

For starters, we have all the music that people know and love. Our mission is to provide wedding entertainment in Boston and across New England for all kinds of audiences.

We also play 100% live music, so the couples that hire us, their families, and friends can feel every note that’s playing.

Red Soda also offers different live ceremony music AND reception music packages. This means you won’t have to hire two different bands or a band and a DJ to get the wedding of your dreams, we have everything you need!


What Makes Great Wedding Entertainment?

What makes great wedding entertainment? Firstly, setting the scene and maintaining the right tempo throughout the reception is crucial. Whether the music is the main event at a given point in time, or white noise in the background, it ultimately sets the mood and emotions of the attendees. When guests are seated and eating, the wedding entertainment shouldn’t at all be loud so that guests can’t hear each other chatting or mingling – Jazz, blues and swing music all make great background tunes, as they’re a great mix of cool and sophisticated without taking over the scene. However, when guests are wanted on the dancefloor, this calls for more up-beat, fast paced music which would really get them dancing.


How Do I Get Started?

Hiring Red Soda Band, the best wedding entertainment in Boston and across New England, is very easy. Visit our contact page and fill a simple form with your details, so we can get in touch with you. You can also ask for a callback and we guarantee to reach out in 24 hours.

We recommend you talk to us as soon as you book a venue and/or have a wedding date. Why? To make sure we’re not booked. We’re usually very busy providing great wedding entertainment in Boston and New England.

Yet, we know wedding planning can be a VERY stressful process, so we make it easy for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our Wedding Entertainment


John Legend All of Me

Male Vocals & String Trio

Pachelbel’s Canon

String Quartet

Christina Perri A Thousand Years

Vocal Duo, Guitar, Violin, Bass

Miley Cyrus Malibu

Male Vocals/Guitar & Female Vocals

Alicia Keys Ain’t Got You

Harp & Female Vocals

Ed Sheeran Perfect

Vocal Duo, Violin & Bass

Need a little inspiration? 

Listen to our playlist of recorded wedding songs and watch our library of video showcases.

See our wedding band play each different style and genre.


Take note of the musicians, the singers and styles you like, so we can help you select your live music.

From intimate and moving, to sweet and full of soul we’ve got you covered.


We live and breathe wedding music so if you’re feeling unsure, we can help.

Get in touch

Customize your Wedding Entertainment Band


Our incredible musicians are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Ceremony Options

1. Violin & Cello Duo

2. Solo Vocals & Guitar

3. Solo Harp

4. String Trio (2 Violins & Cello)

5. Vocals, Guitar & Violin

6. Male Vocals/Guitar & Female Vocals

7. String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola & Cello

8. Harp & Male or Female Vocals

9. Male or Female Vocals & String Trio

10. Vocal Duo, Guitar, Violin & Bass

Reception Options

1. Solo Vocals & Guitar

2. Two Piece Acoustic Duo

3. Three Piece Band

4. Four Piece Band

5. Five Piece Band

6. Six Piece Band

7. Seven Piece Band

8. Eight Piece Band

9. DJ & Solo Vocals/Guitar

10. DJ & Two Piece Acoustic Duo

Simply select the style, the key songs and your singers


We’ll help you choose your favorite wedding singer and key songs – and let our experienced wedding musicians take care of the rest. 

Deal directly with our band manager to create your meaningful mix of live music for your ceremony.


What are you waiting for? We’ll get back to you before anyone else does.

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2. Receive an instant quote

3. Book us for your event!

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